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ART - Audio Response Teller


(Audio Response Teller)

217-442-9005 opt 5 or 1-800-533-5615 opt 5

ART can assist you with many transactions – minimizing the number of trips you make to the credit union.

You can make transactions from home or even while away on vacation. Any time of the day or night, you choose the time most convenient to access your Landmark Credit Union accounts.

Important Notes
  • ART cannot transfer money to another person’s account, make a check payable to another person or send a check to any other address.
  • No decimals are needed. Enter $25.00 as 2500.
  • Interest rates are two digits. Enter 7.5% as 75, or 8% as 80.
  • It is now necessary to listen to the full message.
  • Withdrawals from savings and checking (a check will be mailed to you).
  • Transfers between savings and checking.
  • Payoff amounts on current loans.
  • Loan payments from savings and checking.
  • Up-to-date balances on savings, checking, Christmas Club and loans.

Safe & Secure

  • Using ART is as safe as making your transactions at the credit union. All your ART transactions are kept strictly confidential.
  • Only you will know your personal identification number.
  • Using ART is easy! You simply need your member account number and a personal identification number (PIN).
Account Type Codes
  • Savings -- 00
  • Checking -- 03
  • Christmas -- 09 or 25
  • 55+ -- 55
  • Special Savings -- 01 or 02
  • Loans -- #’s on Statement
  • Money Market -- 07


Action Codes
10 Share Account to Share Account Transfer
11 Savings or Checking Account to Loan Transfer
17 Check Withdrawal from Share Account
Balance Inquiries
30 Checking Account Balance
31 Savings Balance
32 Loan Balance
Checking Inquiries
40 Last 10 Checks Cleared, by Date Cleared
41 Last 10 Checking Deposits
42 Last 10 Checks Cleared, by Check Number
50 Last 10 Share Draft Deposits
51 Last 10 Share Account Deposits
52 Last 10 Share Withdrawals
53 Last 10 ATM Transactions
54 Last 10 ACH Deposits
55 Last 10 ACH Withdrawals
56 Last 10 Payroll Deposits
Dividends & Interest Inquiries
60 Year-to-Date Dividends Paid
61 Year-to-Date Loan Interest Paid
62 Prior Year Dividends Paid
63 Prior Year Loan Interest Paid
64 Last Dividend Applied
Rates & Hours
70 Lobby and Loan Hours
71 Drive-up Hours
72 Voice Response “ART” Hours
73 Loan Rates
74 Share Account Rates
76 Share Certificate Account Rates
81 Loan Payoff Status
82 Calculate Loan Amortization
   Enter #1 for Payment Amount of Loan
   Enter #2 for Amount You Can Borrow
86 Marketing Information
96 Changing Your Pin
97 Inquire on Another Account
98 Terminate the Call
99 Help Menus
506 W. Fairchild Street, Danville, Illinois 220 S State, Westville, Illinois
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